Eyes on Assembly Elections 2021: BJP to launch video campaign on social media 

KOLKATA 13 OCT: Keeping the Assembly Elections 2021 in West Bengal insight, the Bharatiya Janata Party has prepared short videos on their vision and mission for Bengal after the win. The party has highlighted the kind of development work that would take place after coming to power in a number of short videos. 

According to sources in the state BJP, the videos would soon be uploaded in the official social media pages of the state BJP social media accounts. The party also plans to distribute the videos to a few media houses so that the videos can be broadcasted to the masses.

A senior BJP leader, said, “The videos mainly depict how Mamata Banerjee’s government is running with the help of money. And BJP’s main idea is to bring relief to the people by providing the service without taking any money. If BJP comes to power, they would take an initiative to open the closed jute mills in the state. That definitely will give several, employment opportunities.”

According to senior BJP leaders, some of the videos are already made, but they await final nod. Apart from the videos, there are plans to prepare and distribute pamphlets of BJP. The pamphlets would also be uploaded on the official social media pages.

What Trinamool Congress says

Trinamool Congress leaders claimed that for now, their main focus was to curb the spread of the COVID-19 and not making videos eyeing the upcoming Assembly Elections. 

Partha Chatterjee, state parliamentary affairs minister, said, “The people in Bengal are aware of the work carried out by Mamata Banerjee’s government. So, we have not yet decided to prepare our videos. There is enough time to prepare such videos. BJP is only looking to grab votes and that is why they have already geared up for the election mode.”  

Social media advertisement spends: BJP outshines TMC 

With both the political parties – TMC and BJP approaching the crucial 2021 West Bengal Assembly Elections and with political rallies restricted due to the pandemic, both parties are spending time, money and effort on social media in a race to woo most voters. 

In a bid to improve their digital advertisement campaigns, the TMC has spent nearly two million on advertisements on Facebook in the past three months. But, the Bengal BJP is not left behind in this race as it seems to have spent more than the ruling TMC in the past one month alone.

According to Facebook’s advertisement library report, the BJP has spent around Rs 1.22 million on 52 advertisements while the TMC has spent Rs 1.81 million on 93 advertisements. This data is from the period between June 24 and September 21. 

However, the data from the past month, a time period between August 23 and September 21, the BJP has topped the spending charts. The saffron party has spent 1.04 million on 26 ads during the mentioned one month period. The TMC has spent around 3.35 lakhs on a total of 42 advertisements in the same period. This converts into a whopping 85 per cent of what the BJP has shelled out on the social media ad campaigns in the past month. And the party only seems to be gearing up for some more huge spends. 

Furthermore, the Bengal BJP unit’s Facebook page has received likes from more than 1.5 million users while TMC’s Facebook page has received 9.4 lakh likes.

Social media spends in Assembly Elections 2016

A total of Rs 573.24 crore were spent in the five 2016 Assembly Elections that were held in Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. According to an analysis by a non-profit election watchdog, the biggest share out of this whopping total was spent on the publicity expenses and on candidates. 

Among all the national parties, it was BJP that had spent the highest in all the five Assembly polls that stood at Rs 112.14 crore.

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