TMC’s newly anointed national general secretary announces goal to spread footprints across India; Abhisekh Bandhyopadhyay says will take BJP head-on

KOLKATA 7 JUNE: After being anointed as the Trinamool national general secretary, Abhisekh Banerjee on Monday said that his job would be to set up units in other states where they will focus on working to form a government.

“We are going to chalk out a plan in a month or so on how to set foot in other states with the ultimate aim of grabbing power and forming the government. Make no mistake that this time our strategy will be different from what it was earlier and so far as expansion is concerned, I want to put in on the record, we are not going to win 2-3 seats or be in the Opposition. Our strategy is to go there with the ultimate aim of grabbing power and forming the government,” said Bandhyopadhyay.

According to Bandhyopadhyay, it is just been 48 hours that he has been anointed in the new post and so he has not yet had the time and opportunity to sit down with his teammates. Once he discusses it with the members, he can give a much clearer picture of the plans as to the names of states that TMC would be stepping up to contest from after looking at all the pros and cons.

“It’s now clear that TMC’s main enemy is BJP and wherever we will go, we will take BJP heads on. Although we have not finalized the names of the states yet if BJP is our main opposition, we will ensure that we will take the saffron party heads on,” added Bandhyopadhyay.

When asked by the reporters regarding various TMC turncoats already urging Mamata Banerjee to take them back in the party, Bandhyopadhyay said “TMC’s chairperson will take the final call over that matter. Not only TMC turncoats, but those MLAs who won in BJP also wants to join TMC, now,” shared Bandhyopadhyay.

When asked by the reporters about BJP’s claim that TMC indulged in dynasty politics like Congress, Bandhyopadhyay said, “I urge BJP to pass a Bill in the Parliament asking every political party not to include their relatives in politics. If they do so, I will quit the post. Why don’t Amit Malviya go and sit with BJP leaders and ask them this question himself? I am asking Jay Shah, can he quit BCCI as chairperson?” asked Bandhyopadhyay.

Saturday Recap

Giving a formal approval of Abhisekh Bandhyopadhyay’s position as the second-in-command in the party, TMC chief Mamata Banerjee announced

Bandhyopadhyay as the national general secretary of the party on Saturday removing Subrata Bakshi from the same post.

The change was made public at a meeting of the party held at Trinamool Bhavan to revamp the party’s organization following the party’s landslide victory.

After Bandhyopadhyay was made the national general secretary, he visited veteran TMC leaders house, including Subrata Bakshi Partha

Chatterjee. He also visited Sudip Bandhyopadhyay’s house on Monday and he is scheduled to visit Sougata Roy’s house on Tuesday.

In another significant development, Tollywood actor and TMC leader Saayoni Ghosh who lost the election from Asansol was appointed as the president of TMC Yuva Congress, a position that was held by Abhisekh Banerjee previously.

Meanwhile, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar has been made the president of TMC Mahila Morcha and Mala Roy has been made the president of Banga Janani Bahini. Other senior leaders like Kunal Ghosh, Becharam Manna, Asish Banerjee have been made members of the TMC national committee.

Ritobrata Bandhyopadhyay was made the INTTUC state president while Dola Sen remained the national president of the TMC trade union. Purnendu Basu has been made in charge of the Kisan Mazdoor cell while Raj Chakraborty has been given in charge of the cultural cell of TMC.

Partha Chatterjee, a senior party leader, said, “The changes have been made to revamp the party’s organisational strength. Moreover, it was also decided that the party will expand its base to other states and senior MPs have been given the charge to look after what needs to be done to boost the party’s base in other states.”

Senior TMC leaders believe that it has been seen that the revamp inside the party has been made by keeping a balance between old comersand newcomers and if a leader works hard and proves himself then he should be elevated in the party.

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