TMC Martyrs Day rally, Mamata challenged BJP that they won’t get single majority in 2024 Lok Sabha election

KOLKATA 21 JULY : Trinamool Congress chief Miss Mamata Banerjee on Saheed Diwas rally   said Lok Sabha polls for 2024 is not a ‘mere election ‘but it’s a ‘rejection of BJP’ , the party which allegedly brought economic disaster and political instability at different parts of the country .

 Addressing the Martyr’s Day rally on Thursday Banerjee challenged “ I am sure BJP will not get single majority in 2024 elections. At that time other  political parties will form a coalition and (stake for power). “ I want only one secular party to remain in the country and that will be the Trinamool Congress.  However, it is my belief, that we will come on top when that happens.”

Banerjee  said that the 2024 election will be one to reject the BJP’s divisive policies. “Break the shackles of the BJP-led government and its monumental incompetence. Install a pro-people government,” she told the crowd in Kolkata.

Banerjee attacked the BJP, saying the party is trying to break all state governments.

She even warned the  BJP not to ‘target’ Bengal.

“They say they will target Bengal after Maharashtra.Have you seen the Royal Bengal tiger? I say don’t dare to break Bengal. The royal Bengal tiger stays here. Be very careful!”added Banerjee

On providing  jobs, Mamata said she would not discriminate by caste or religion while giving jobs. “We have to amend our mistakes in the past.” The chief minister also blamed the CPM for discriminating while giving jobs. “The CPM has given a lot of jobs to their members’ wives. They have also made irregularities in birth certificates in their era.”

Braving the rain, as thousands of TMC supporters attended the annual event of the Trinamool Congress, the chief minister continued her attack on the  Central government. “The BJP is a party who uses the ED, CBI and other probe agencies to further its own agenda because they are spineless. However, the TMC has the spine to take them on as we are not afraid of them. In 2024, when the BJP fails to form a majority, the Opposition parties have to come together to set up the next government,” she said.

“The BJP government at the Centre has sold everything — Air India, Coal India, Railways. All they have done is sell every aspect of the country because they have no idea how difficult attaining Independence was. And now, with the Agnipath scheme, they want to do the same with the Indian Army, the chief minister said.

Continuing her jibe against the Narendra Modi-led government, Mamata Banerjee said: “Look at the cost of LPG cylinders now. Look at fuel prices. Not only that, they are also diluting the Indian Army through the Agnipath scheme. It is nothing but an attempt to create a cadre for their party. There is no need to have a government which increases prices of fuel and LPG cylinders.” added Banerjee.

The Centre has also recognised that Bengal tops when it comes to development in the agrarian sector. We have ensured development on all fronts  from setting up IT hubs to making roads across the state. 

“Whenever we try going ahead with developmental work, the BJP simply comes forth with its own agendas, trying to stop us. However, remember, they will never be able to stop me and my party,” the chief Minister said.

Taking potshots at the Center over steep price rise , Mamata said that the Union government has levied GST on essential items like curd, puffed rice and several other facilities like hospital beds and it has caused immense penury to the common people. 

Laying down a plate full of puffed rice infront of the audience , Banerjee said which she collected from one of her supporters Banerjee said that  “ You have imposed GST on every essential commodities . Now I ask how much GST will you charge when we die. BJP friends will not eat puffed rice now. How much GST has been levied on puffed rice, sweets, lassi, curd, batasha and neem leaves? What will we eat? How will we eat? Return our things or you (BJP) go away,” she said.

She even claimed that some people called Naresh Chandra Bauri, Burdwan TMC MLA and asked him to vote for the NDA candidates in the Presidential election and when he rejected to vote for them they threatened him with raids of ED and CBI .”

Banerjee even threatened to hold dharna in Delhi with all its followers if the Union government fails to provide money under MNREGA which they had stopped.

“ Why they are depriving the common people. We have requested several times to provide the dues that Bengal gets from MNREGA, but they are yet to look into this matter. We are providing money to the beneficiaries of MNREGA now. PM Aawas Yojana has also been shut, gramin sadak yojana is also closed. Why? What happened? We are not afraid. We will go to Delhi by train and gherao you if you deprive Bengal of its dues.” added Banerjee

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