Vasundhara Goswami , daughter of late Khisti Goswami’s opinion piece create stir after Ajanta Biswas opinion piece at Jago Bangla newspaper

KOLKATA 3 AUG: After Ajanta Biswas, daughter of late CPI(M) leader Anil Biswas, has been reprimanded by the CPI(M) party for her opinion piece at Jago Bangla newspaper, an alleged mouthpiece of Trinamool Congress on the most influential women politicians in Bengal where she narrated the struggles of chief minister Mamata Banerjee, now Vasundhara Goswami, daughter of late Kshiti Goswami,(RSP) leader supported Biswas and wrote an article in the newspaper.

In her column at Jago Bangla, she wrote that CPI (M)’s decision to reprimand Biswas is condemnable in a Stalinist manner. They do not believe in freedom of speech, which is why many bright leaders have left CPI(M). In her article, she mentioned that CPI(M) always finds conspiracy behind everything, and that is why they have failed to secure any seat in the just-concluded Assembly election.

It may be mentioned that a few days back, Ajanta Biswas wrote an opinion piece on the rise of women’s power in Bengal politics, and there she said the name of chief minister Mamata Banerjee and her struggles to make herself prominent in politics.

In her writing, Goswami mentioned that she would continue to voice her opinion. If CPI(M) tries to reprimand anyone, it will be a loss for the party as she will continue to express her statement at the TMC mouthpiece.

In her articles, Biswas has referred to the Singur farmers’ movement and the meetings with the unwilling farmers. They did not want to part with their agricultural land to make way for an automobile factor in Singur that Mamata had organised back then. 

Biswas’ article mentions how Banerjee was born to a middle-class family in Kalighat and then went on to become such a great leader with her dedication. The political slogan ‘Bangla nicer meek chae’ (Bengal wants its daughter) also played a significant role turned into a huge success story for not only the state but the country.  

Goswami feels that as a free individual, every citizen has a right to voice their opinion, and the party cannot take drastic action if that writing is not of their choice. Significantly Goswami’s mother, Sunanda Goswami, was appointed as the chairperson of West Bengal Women Commission when Mamata Banerjee came to power and faced criticism from the party as her husband was an RSP leader. Despite several objections from the CPI(M) party, Sunanda Goswami continued her work as the commission’s chairperson.

According to Vasundhara Goswami, although there will be criticism from various quarters, she will continue to write about what she feels is fitting as she thinks that freedom of speech cannot be curtailed.

It may be mentioned that when Ajanta Biswas wrote an article at Jago Bangla newspaper, the Trinamool Congress leadership claimed that the article should be treated as a piece of information without looking at her political ideology. Currently, she is a history research student, and the article could be taken in good spirit.

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